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Facial Treatments: 

Spa FacialThis facial is designed for all skin types and skin tones.  Relax and enjoy your customized treatment enhanced with a neck/shoulder massage.  This facial is recommended for teenagers and adults. $60

Acne Facial - Great for acne prone or oily skin. This facial treats and helps prevent breakouts while leaving the skin looking and feeling hydrated. Gentle scrubbing beads clear the skin's surface to allow for better acid penetration.  This facial also works on purifying and calming the skin to soothe and heal acne breakouts by using zinc and other botanicals. You'll love the feel and look of your skin when you leave. $65

Rejuvenating Facial -  This facial is good for all skin types, especially skin that is uneven.  In this facial we help battle hyper-pigmentation with a highly effective combination of lighteners, melanin inhibitors and mild exfoliants.  Not only are we working on uneven skin tone but also helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines, large pores, and texture irregularities. $70

Vitamin C Facial - Vitamin C helps to revitalize skin.  Our Vitamin C Facial is recommended for all skin types.  Since we use antioxidants this facial will help your skin protect itself from free radicals and UV damage. This wonderful facial treatment will leave you feeling refreshed! $75

Mini Facial – Designed for all skin types. Customized to the patient’s needs. This facial does not include a neck or shoulder massage. $45

Glycolic Acid Peel - This peel helps to promote the repair and regeneration of skin. Combining antioxidants and glycolic acid it will help with the appearance of aging skin and uneven texture and tone.  Can be done in addition to a facial or by itself.  Packages available. $100

Lactic Acid Peel - This peel is great for all skin types and conditions. It offers exfoliating properties and moisture retention properties.  It will promote softer, smoother skin as well as improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Can be done in addition to a facial or by itself.  Packages available. $85

Modified Jessner's Peel - This peel offers a variety of effective acids to help reduce the appearance of melasma, freckles (sun spots), acne and mild cases of rosacea.  It can added to a facial or done by itself.  Packages available. $120

Microdermabrasion – Microdermabrasion can be used to  treat aging and sun-damaged skin, some types of acne and acne scarring, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and stretch marks. Results may include improved skin tone, fewer breakouts, diminished appearance of scars, even skin color, refined skin pores, renewed elasticity, and a healthy glow. Safe for all skin types. $60

Microderm with an Infusion – Same as above, but we apply an infusion after microderm to increase results. $65

Microderm/Infusion/Ultrasound – This treatment will maximize your results. We can target several skin concerns with this treatment. It will exfoliate, hydrate, and smooth skin. $150

Ultrasonic Skin Tightening - It will smooth fine lines and wrinkles and firm the skin. It will help reduce puffiness around the eyes, stimulate blood circulation, and increase metabolism. It also helps lighten dark spots and freckles.  If combined with a facial it allows for better absorption of skin care products. Packages available. $125

Lash and Brow Tinting - You will instantly have the eye brows and eye lashes you always dreamed of. $35

Body Treatments:  

Waxing - A painless way to remove your unwanted hair. Prices vary per area. 

Salt Glow - This treatment will remove dry and dull skin and reveal a healthy glow. It contains therapeutic dead sea salts that help remove impurities and dead skin cells. The jojoba, olive and safflower oil softens and moisturizes the skin. $55

Neck Firming Treatment - We combine different products in this treatment that will promote the appearance of a tighter, smoother, and firmer neck.  It will boost collagen and hyaluronic acid production that results in a youthful-looking neck. $55

Back Facial - This skin treatment is formulated specifically for the back. It utilizes many of the techniques used on the face, and they help to clarify and soften the skin of the back while providing a deep moisturizing treatment which will leave you with a healthy, glowing back. $70

Back Acne Treatment - This will help treat back blemishes and congestion.  It also helps prevent further growth of acne causing bacteria.  The products we use in this treatment will reduce the amount of excess oil and inflammation produced on the back. $75

Smooth Soles – Exfoliation for the bottom of the feet. It includes a microderm and an enzyme peel. Can be added to any treatment or done by itself. $55

Peel for Hands and Arms – Great for someone looking to improve the texture and tone of the arms and hands. Can also be combined with a microderm or facial treatment. $ Depends on Peel


Extractions - $5
Enzyme Peel - $20
Paraffin – Face – $20, Hands, Elbows - $10
Add On Peel - $20 off peel price
Infusion - $10
Facial for Hands - $15

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